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Trust-Sun is headquartered in Humen Town in Dongguan and our production workshops cover more than 10,000 square meters. These facilities are staffed by more than 200 skilled workers, including more than 80 experienced technicians.

1. Raw materials

Processing raw materials in our own acrylic plant allows us to minimize costs and more carefully control the quality of products. It also facilitates a faster delivery cycle.

Available raw materials:
Acrylic, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, steel pipe, sandwich panel, transparent sheet and so on.

Available acrylic can be classified:
Transparent acrylic sheets: 1mm-20mm, 20mm-40mm, 40mm-60mm and 100mm-200mm.
Semi- Transparent acrylic sheets: 3mm-10mm.
Colored acrylic sheet: 3mm-10mm, custom color.
Frosted acrylic sheet: 2mm-10mm.

2. Workflow

Project development and design – material preparation – cutting – CNC / laser machine processing – deep processing (grooving, bending, adhesion, silkscreen, hot bending) – surface processing (spraying, electroplating, hot melting) – assembling – testing – packaging - transportation

3. Quality inspection

Product structural properties can be tested using our professional laboratory equipment. We provide risk analysis for displays using a variety of testing scenarios, eliminating client worries about durability.

Vibration and transportation test:
The products undergo vibration testing in order to simulate transportation environment and ensure that the display will stand under its own power once installed.

The vibration is tested under sindusoidal, and random vibration. This recreates the conditions on ships, planes, and other transport vehicles. The vibration and transportation test is to minimize the risk of drop shock during long distance transport.

Dropping test:
A free fall simulation test is performed to measure the display components tolerance to unexpected strikes.

The drop height refers to the weight of the display and the ratio of the dropping distance. The standard is one meter. The ground is smooth hard cement or steel surfaces. If there are special requirements, the test must be decided by the client.

High temperature test:
High temperature testing is performed to check that the products will not deform under high temperatures.

Global extreme temperature test:
The display products will be exposed to extreme temperatures from 0 to 60 degrees centigrade as the simulation will show us when the product will crack or melt due to temperature variations.

Corrosion test (ethanol / perfume test):
Cosmetics stands can sometimes be corroded by ethanol or perfumes. In our test, we rub back and forth with ethanol at the frequency of use for 24h or 36h.

After chemical changes with ethanol or perfume, products may crack, degum or begin to yellow. The test usually lasts for 24h or 36h with rubbing 50-100 times.

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