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Acrylic Sheet Care and Maintenance Guide

Acrylic sheet is used in many products that we use every day. Acrylic displays, buttons, frams, and other products are used by people all around the world. Here are some tips for acrylic sheet care.

1. Acrylic sheet is a special organic material. Some cracks will appear after some treatment, but they can be filled with resin or paint and be polished.

2. If there is some dust on the surface of acrylic board, you can clean it with a wet washing cloth. Don't clean directly by dry cloth or use cleaning agent of high cleaning efficiency which would damage the acrylic surface.

3. If a cut is small or not obvious on the acrylic sheet surface, you just need to use abrasive paper to polish the surface and apply toothpaste.

4. As an acrylic processor, we would like to warn you that acrylic products are not designed for high temperatures and should be placed in areas that are ventilated and out of direct sunlight.

5. Since acrylic sheet has as low stiffness similar to aluminum board and can be easily damaged, it should be kept away from heavy and sharp objects.

6. The volume of acrylic sheet can easily change with temperature, so certain space needs to be left to avoid expansion or bending when you install acrylic products.