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Acrylic Award

Acrylic awards such as trophies or plaques produced by us here at Trust-Sun are most often made using transparent, light green, or light blue acrylic materials.

Transparent acrylic sheet thickness: 1mm-20mm, 20mm-40mm, 40mm-60mm, 100mm-200mm
Light green acrylic sheet thickness: 3mm-10mm
Light blue acrylic sheet thickness: 3mm-10mm

Acrylic awards are most often made using a highly transparent acrylic, which, like jewelry and precious stones, will sparkle after going through a multi-surface cutting and polishing process. Award designs are often simple, though processing techniques require the use of polishing machines or talented technicians and artists.

Cooperation and Support
Trust-Sun has supplied award trophies and plaques to Plastic Dress Up, a top-rated award supplier for more than 15 years.

We offer custom acrylic display products like display stand, display rack, acrylic holder, case, acrylic box and so on. We provide acrylic trophy award, acrylic medal award in customer needed shapes. With many years' experience in making custom acrylic products for well-known companies, we are sure to provide quality acrylic award products for global customers.

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