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Acrylic Cell Phone Display

Our acrylic cell phone display is a synthetic combination of acrylic, aluminum, injection molding plastic and other materials in order to offer the most reliable and attractive display area possible.

Our acrylic cell phone display products:

Our acrylic cell phone displays are designed to dramatically set off various cell phone styles. Transparent acrylic is used for the main body, with diverse components of the display made using brushed aluminum, mirror finish stainless steel, or other metals. Our cell phone displays offer changeable parts so that retailers can change and design their own display for different cell phone types and available space.

Cooperation with mobile phone brands
Starting in 2006, we began to work closely with some of the world's top cell phone brands, shown in the list below.
NOKIA: 2006-2008
Motorola: 2006-2009
Apple (iPhone): 2010-2012
Vivo: 2014- present

In the past few years, we have become a primary supplier of cell phone displays for VIVO, focusing on the design and development of new products, as well as offering display schemes to roughly 300,000 VIVO locations around China.

We offer custom acrylic display products like display stand, display rack, acrylic holder, case, acrylic box and so on. We provide a wide range of acrylic cell phone display stand, acrylic cell phone display pedestal, countertop mobile phone acrylic display, gridwall cell phone display, slatwall mobile phone display, etc. With many years' experience in making custom acrylic products for well-known companies, we are sure to provide quality acrylic mobile phone display for global customers.

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