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Design and Development

Utilizing the outstanding production strengths and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) capabilities of our parent company Trust-Sun, Trust-Sun Intelligent Display Technology Co., Ltd began something great in 2014. The company branched off and integrated design, development, production, and modeling for the delivery of custom acrylic displays for foreign and domestic customers.

The Trust-Sun research and development department is a diversified sector of our company that includes components such as graphic design, material analyses, and digital illustration training. In order to keep up with industry trends and customer demands, Trust-Sun spares no effort in providing its team with resources and available technologies. The founder of Trust-Sun has years of experience in the industry and recognized, the greatest strength of the enterprise would be its ability to adapt.

In order to realize excellent design from concept to fully constructed display, the cooperation of designers and suppliers is critical. The outstanding design group of Trust-Sun helps customers to understand the strengths and limitations of certain ideas and these conversations allow the development stage to go smoothly. Once the details are worked out, our production staff can create the multi-material displays.

Our design and development group will provide you:
1. Novel ideas
2. Rich experience
3. Active designs
4. General guidance
5. Marketing suggestions

Trust-Sun Intelligent Display Technology Co., Ltd

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