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Clear Acrylic Sheet Identifying Methods

Acrylic sheets are widely used in display applications for the advertising of things like furniture, cars, and events. In China, there are many different acrylic sheet plants whose products can wildly vary in quality. Here at Trust-Sun, we can identify the quality of acrylic sheet through 5 methods.

1. Transmittance identification
When acrylic board is exposed to white light, the refracted ray is pure white through good acrylic sheet and is yellow or blue through poor quality materials. And the transmittance of qualified acrylic sheet is relatively higher.

2. Thickness measurement
One of the most important properties of acrylic sheet is the thickness. You must check if the thickness of products matches your requirements before you accept delivery.

3. Burning test
High quality acrylic will not burn or produce any foul odors during processing. Subpar acrylic may be produced with impurities that will burn or cause unwanted smells. Qualified acrylic blister sheet can be separated after heating and will be soft, while poor quality sheets will melt or burn.

4. Soft rubber edge identification
To avoid friction, new qualified sheets usually are packaged with soft rubber edges, which can be a method to identify recycled or new sheets.

5. Property analysis
Acrylic board plants usually provide samples, you can analyze the properties (eg: color) to determine the quality.

As above, there are some easy methods to identify acrylic sheets and may give you some help. Trust-Sun warns that since acrylic sheet has low stiffness and is easily damaged acrylic sheet needs to be protected from sharp or hard objects.