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Stationery Acrylic Organizer

Stationery acrylic organizers are made using different types of acrylic, and are decorated using injection molding components.

Stationery acrylic organizers we made:

Our stationery acrylic organizers feature a fully transparent and minimalist style, but require high precision polishing and adhesion production processes with no gaps or bubbles to ensure our products are fully qualified.

Corporation and support
Trust-Sun is one of the top 3 stationery acrylic organizer suppliers for MUJI, and we have been involved in the development and processing of stationary acrylic organizers for over 10 years. With these years of expertise and knowledge, we can easily satisfy even the strictest of customer requirements and highest quality standards.

We offer custom acrylic display products like display stand, display rack, acrylic holder, case, acrylic box and so on. We provide a wide range of acrylic compartment tray organizer, acrylic desk organizer, acrylic drawer organizer, multilayer acrylic stationery organizer, etc. With many years' experience in making custom acrylic products for well-known companies, we are sure to provide quality stationery acrylic organizer products for global customers.

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