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Custom Displays

1. Comprehensive planning

Trust-Sun operates an acrylic raw materials plant, acrylic sales department, and acrylic research and development department. Running these production features allows us to meet the hyper specific needs of customers in terms of material development and a combination between metals, acrylic, wood, and other materials.

Custom displays will be designed according to research based on structural appearance, function, potential risk, packaging, and transport.

2. Manufacturing

Our factory is outfitted with over ten laser cutting machines, CNC equipment, bending machines, and grooving machines.

  • CNC milling machines
  • CNC milling machines
  • Acrylic laser machine
  • CNC grooving machine

CNC milling machines: CNC equipment is used for automated mass production operations and the characteristics of our equipment includes stability, and efficiency.

Acrylic laser machine: our acrylic laser machine is able to process acrylic materials from 1 mm to 10mm thick with a high degree of efficiency.

Large hardware laser cutting machine: this machine is designed to cut stainless steel sheet of varying thicknesses, iron plate 25mm thick, 6mm thick aluminum plate, 25 mm brass plate, and 6mm copper plate.

Delicate polishing machine: our delicate polishing machine is equipped with a diamond polishing head that can polish acrylic surfaces in to a mirror finish and realize full transparency. It can also be used on glass and crystal.

CNC bending machine: The CNC bending machine can bend thin metal materials with high precision and stability.

CNC grooving machine: CNC grooving machines operate with a high degree of precision and efficiency.

3. Custom service

Processing: the client provides us with a display sample or simple design sketch, and we will develop a full scale display.

Design: we can design and produce a display from scratch.

Trust-Sun's project arrangement department was established to provide comprehensive solutions to clients in order to help them build their brands. We supply customers with project development and production services but also deliver foreign cosmetics companies one-station transportation plans in China. We facilitate distribution, follow-up, and after-sale services to ensure the best products and services are delivered every time.

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