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Display Panel Board Material Selection

There are a lot of display panel board materials to choose from. The most popular type is PS foam board. The thickness of PS foam board is about 5mm to 8mm. Although PS foam board is relatively thin, it is cheap and light. It hangs on any wall with ease. The only negative is that the material can be fragile.

PVC foam board is commonly used and it is hard and comes in sheets between 2 and 10mm. PVC foam board is suitable for long standing displays due to its durability.

Aluminum composite panels are hard and easy to cut. Because of the higher strength, the price is higher, but the aluminum boards are more durable yet lightweight.

Finally, acrylic board is composed of two thick acrylic sheets and is widely used in all kinds of occasions. Since the price is relatively high, acrylic board is only used in some high-level or important display settings. Acrylic display board is beautiful with high gloss on the surface invoking thoughts of a crystal picture frame.