• Design and Development

    The successful transformation of the Trust-Sun company for the design, development, production as one of the enterprises.

  • Customer Projects

    The company for several brands at home and abroad have provided the display of the processing services.

  • Custom Service

    Trust-Sun company's main products are mobile phone display, cosmetics display and so on.

About Us

Trust-sun Intelligent Display Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry leading specialist in the production of acrylic display units. Our products can be found in shopping centers and salons around the world for showcasing consumer goods. We work closely with customers to provide custom units such as cell phone displays, cosmetics displays, and acrylic jewelry displays. We focus on the processing of acrylic materials in our display units, but many of our products are made up of metal, wood, plastic, and other materials in addition to acrylic. Trust-Sun works alongside some of the world's top brands in order to construct beautiful, eye catching displays that will have products flying off the shelves.

Product Display
    1. Acrylic Cell Phone Display
    2. Acrylic Cell Phone Display Our cell phone displays offer changeable parts so that retailers can change and design their own display for different cell phone types and available space.
    1. Cosmetics Display
    2. Cosmetics Display Our services include development, design, processing, program management, shipping and more.
    1. Jewelry Display
    2. Jewelry Display Acrylic jewelry displays from Trust-Sun most often use wood or MDF as the main body, with a flocking lining in order to present a high end, luxurious appearance.
    1. Stationery Acrylic Organizer
    2. Stationery Acrylic Organizer With these years of expertise and knowledge, we can easily satisfy even the strictest of customer requirements and highest quality standards.
    1. Acrylic Award
    2. Acrylic Award Award designs are often simple, though processing techniques require the use of polishing machines or talented technicians and artists.
    1. Acrylic Holder
    2. Acrylic Holder A custom display will be designed according to researches of its structural appearance, functions, potential risks and the way of packing and transport, etc.
    1. Photo Display Acrylic Board
    2. Photo Display Acrylic Board In our row material production plant, row materials are high-quality-controlled and are stably and sufficiently supplied through checks and tests at all stages.
    1. Acrylic Craft Gifts
    2. Acrylic Craft Gifts To meet different customers' needs, the materials of displays involve various constitute groups of metals, acrylic, wood or others.